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  You can find your TFN on your tax return or you can call ATO 13 28 01.
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We can look for any super you may have with other financial institutions for you. This could include lost super, other active accounts, and super-related monies held by the ATO. If we find any, we’ll write to you to let you know and ask you if you would like us to consolidate the other funds in to your QSuper account.

I agree to QSuper searching with the ATO for any other super I may have.  
I understand that I can remove this consent by calling, writing or emailing QSuper.


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Choose how your super is invested, or leave it to us and your super will be invested in QSuper Lifetime, an investment option that automatically adjusts your investment strategy based on your age and Lifetime balance. 

You can easily change your investment strategy anytime through Member Online. 

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As part of becoming a QSuper member, you will receive death and total and permanent disability cover. See our Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for more information. Eligibility and conditions apply. 

Select the 'Set up my QSuper insurance' option below to see the amount of insurance cover and associated fees. 

Learn more about our Insurance cover. 


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Tips: Your username can be pretty much whatever you want, but you should avoid using your name, date of birth, or the words super or QSuper. Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters including lower and upper case letters and at least one number. 

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Just finally, we need you to confirm that you understand the declarations below and the product you’ve applied for by ticking the box below.

This form and all products are issued by the QSuper Board (ABN 32 125 059 006 AFSL 489650) as trustee for QSuper (ABN 60 905 115 063).

Let's make it official

Just finally, we need you to confirm that you understand the declarations below and the product you’ve applied for by ticking the box below.

This form and all products are issued by the QSuper Board (ABN 32 125 059 006 AFSL 489650) as trustee for QSuper (ABN 60 905 115 063).

  • I have read and agree to the terms and conditions in the QSuper Product Disclosure Statement for Accumulation and Income AccountsQSuper’s Your Privacy factsheet, and the Financial Services Guide. 
  • I understand that any insurance cover I may have as a result of this application, commences when membership commences. Once I am a member I can cancel or vary my cover at any time subject to eligibility conditions. Premiums are deducted in accordance with the PDS and deducted monthly in arrears.
  • I also agree to be bound by the Trust Deed and the governing rules of QSuper in relation to the operation of my Accumulation account.
  • I confirm that the information I have given is true and correct. 
  • I confirm I am the person identified as the applicant in this form. 
QSuper is collecting personal information from you to open your Accumulation account and to assess your eligibility for insurance. We may also collect information from your employer, government agencies, other superannuation funds, and anyone you authorise, and if it is required or authorised by law (including pursuant to the Superannuation (State Public Sector) Act 1990 (QLD) and Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (CTH)). We may disclose your information to your employer, authorised service providers (including QInsure) and any of its authorised service providers), other superannuation funds and government agencies and to third parties if we need to, also if you've given consent to the disclosure, or if we're required to by law. If you want to know more you can download QSupers’ Your privacy factsheet from our website or call us on 1300 360 750 and ask for a copy.

The QSuper Board and QInvest Limited may make certain information available to you electronically rather than sending it by post. If we have an email address for you, we'll either email you the information, or send you an email notification that the information is either available on our website or can be accessed by logging into Member Online. We may also make this information available (or send you a notification) by SMS or through an app. The information we will make available in this way includes significant event notifications, financial services guides, product disclosure statements, your benefit statement, our annual report, statements of advice and exit statements. If you don't want to receive this type of information electronically, it's easy to opt out or change your preference for future communications through Member Online, or give us a call on 1300 360 750. If you do opt out, it will apply to all future notifications of the information we list above.  

Please tell us how you heard about us

We think you’ve made a great choice by choosing QSuper, but we also know people can change their minds. That’s why we offer a cooling-off period (all the details you would have read in the PDS), which starts from the day your first contribution is received by QSuper.

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